Electrical Rewiring Services in Lansing, MI Done by Experts

As your trusted local electrician, we specialize in all kinds of electrical and rewiring services in Lansing, MI. From installing your home or business lighting to upgrading your electrical service, AAA Electric LLC makes sure your electrical needs are properly taken care of.

Here’s the list of the services that AAA Electric LLC offers to every Lansing residential or commercial property owner:

  • - Any and All Your Electrical and Rewiring Needs
  • - Service Calls for Residential and Commercial Property
  • - Electric Panel and Service Upgrades, 100, 150, 200, and 400 Amp
  • - Home Remodeling
  • - LED Lighting
  • - Ceiling Fan Installation
  • - Recessed Lighting
  • - Kitchen Remodeling
  • - Bath Remodeling
  • - Code Compliance
  • - New House or Business Construction Lighting, Wiring, and Electricals
  • - New House or Business Construction - Rewiring
  • - Electric Baseboard Heat
  • - Portable Generator Install
  • - Permanent Whole House Generator Install - Generac
  • - Apartment Complex Lighting and Electricals - Landlord/Tenant
  • - Residential Grow Rooms Lighting, Wiring, and Electricals
  • - Commercial Grow Rooms Lighting, Wiring, and Electricals
  • - Medical Dispensaries Lighting, Wiring, and Electricals
  • - Store and Office Lighting, Wiring, and Electricals
  • - Security Lighting
  • - Cable and Telephone
  • - Fuse Box to Circuit Breaker Change
  • - Underground and Overhead Wiring
  • - Parking Lot Lighting
  • - Receptacle Outlet and Switch and Dimmer Changes
  • - Basement Wiring and Remodeling
  • - Display and Business Lighting
  • - All kinds of Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair

We take pride in our quality work and professional service. We have been working hard in the electrical industry to earn our Lansing residents’ trust and recognition. Our staff are nice and friendly and our decades’ worth of experience and expertise will make sure you are satisfied with every work we do.

If you need help with any type of lighting installation or electrical rewiring in Lansing, MI, AAA Electric LLC is here for you. Call us to find out more about how we can help you with your property’s electrical needs. You can be sure you’re getting nothing from us but premier-quality services at reasonable prices.