Skilled Electrical Contractors in Lansing, MI and Its Surrounding Areas!

AAA Electric LLC is a Father/Son professional service incorporating three generations of experiences and expertise in the electrical industry. As expert electrical contractors in Lansing, MI, we provide residential and commercial service to homeowners, landlords, and small businesses.

Ted Gomez, the owner, is a licensed master electrician, electrical contractor, and electrical inspector for the State of Michigan. He is also a participating member of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, IAEI Michigan Chapter.

We offer service calls for electrical problems, troubleshooting and electrical checkups for your home, office or business. When it comes to LED lighting retrofits and installation of new LED cost-saving light fixtures, we can also give you estimates and suggestions.

Many properties need electric service upgrades these days with existing electrical panels and fuse boxes. That is why we install new electric panel and breakers and also upgrade the outside equipment. And because this process requires working with your local utility company and the electrical inspection/building department in your area, we are here to help you from the first step to the last.

We also do new construction, additions, remodeling projects, and we will happily consult and advise you on your projects.

Furthermore, we install Generac permanent generators that work on propane or natural gas. Take note that Generac warranties their equipment four years and we always stand behind our professional work. On another note, backup power is becoming more popular with the erratic unpredictable weather. So, if you want to stay prepared, we can install portable or permanent generators that will provide you with the security of having backup electrical power available if you lose power from the grid.

Having been in the electrical industry since 1973 and in business starting in 1985, we have an excellent track record and many satisfied customers. So, choose AAA Electric now! We are your electrical contractors of choice in Lansing, MI.